UNDER THE SPOTLIGHT: SAC Holly Croall – RAF Leeming Saddle Club Events Manager

Holly has been an inspiration to us all. Joining the RAF Leeming Saddle Club in Jan 2019, Holly has racked up an impressive CV. She became Events Manager in Feb 2019 and immediately started organising lessons for club members. Her committment has never wavered, and even with an operational tour in the past year, Holly has provided continual support to the club and its members. Whether it has been facilitating and leading Zoom dressage workshops during lockdown, or marking, test calling and putting up jumps for members at various camps and competitions, Holly has been there with a big smile and bags of experience and positivity. And if that wasn’t impressive enough, Holly spends every spare minute dedicated to bringing on three beautiful horses.  

It has been a family affair, with experienced equine mum Vicki Brown working alongside Holly throughout (and keeping them all going whilst Holly was deployed).

Ronnie (aka Bluebank Geronimo) is an impressive 7 yr old Welsh Cob Cross, and has been advancing considerably in the dressage arena under Holly for the past 3 years. In a short space of time, the hardworking pair have progressed from Prelim to Medium level. As a partnership, they have many incredible achievements, not least TOP 5 overall at the British Dressage Petplan Equine Winter Area Festival Championships in June this year. Proudly representing the RAF in her No 1 Service Dress, Holly and Ronnie were TOP 5 NATIONALLY!! Holly was also the top youth Rider in her class. WELL DONE, Holly!

Thistle (aka Nipna King’s Ransom) is a stunning Dales stallion. Holly and Thistle have been wowing everyone in the dressage arena, recently completing their first ever Elementary Dressage Class – with a win! They have also excelled in ridden and in-hand classes: the pair completed their first ever Horse of the Year Qualifier this summer, coming away with a superb 4th place, and also WON the in-hand stallion class.

William (Townend Stardust) is a gorgeous Fell pony, and main prodigy of Holly’s mum, Vicki Brown. Together they have been in numerous championships and progressed over the last few years to Advanced Dressage; he has continued to do very well in the showing classes, too!