It’s been an action-packed time at RAF Leeming recently, hosting the 493rd Fighter Squadron (FS) of the 48th Fighter Wing from RAF Lakenheath, Suffolk.

The United States Air Force Squadron deployed to North Yorkshire with ten of its F-15C/D Eagles and supporting personnel to work alongside UK Forces for Exercise Agile Liberty 21-2.

Part of the Agile Combat Employment (ACE) concept, the Exercise aims to develop Airmen who are adept in disciplines outside of their normal day-to-day duties. Such training contributes to the evolution of a force of multi-capable airmen and aircrew whilst reducing the number of personnel required to deploy on short notice or no notice operations.

Agile Liberty was also an opportunity for personnel from across the Royal Air Force to visit and observe a US Air Force-lead capability demonstration of ACE operations in order to scope future concepts of deployment.

RAF Leeming Station Commander, Group Captain Blythe Crawford said “We are delighted to be able to host the 48th Fighter Wing on their Agile Combat Employment exercise, Agile Liberty.  It provides an excellent opportunity for us to focus on interoperability with a key ally and to collectively develop new concepts and train our people.

“A classic example is how we are enhancing our capabilities through the use of automation and robotics. ‘Colman’, our AI enabled robot – which is a collective venture with DCMS and Eden – is a good example.

It can go into areas humans can’t and is covered with sensors which can enhance the safety and efficiency of our procedures. The USAF are also experimenting in a similar fashion, allowing us to share lessons and ideas as we develop this capability further.”

We hope you have enjoyed all of the dynamic imagery captured by our Station Photographers this week.